Gym-Sport Services Inc is trusted by top-ranked universities

(like Ashland University pictured above) for repairs, installs, and inspections of basketball systems for gymnasiums of all sizes.

If your gymnasium has a basketball court…

It’s critical to keep all basketball equipment (backboards, backstops, mounts, winches, etc).in optimal condition to prevent potential injury from basketball equipment malfunction.

That’s why, over the past 17 years…

Many top-ranked schools and major universities have hired Gym-Sport Services to repair, install, and inspect basketball systems that are used by millions of athletes, students, and faculty members across America.

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What Type Of Basketball Equipment Can We Install,
Fix, Or Inspect For Your Gymnasium?

Basketball Backboards

Select between unbreakable indoor backboards and a wide selection of outdoor backboards, add backboard padding to protect your investment, or add LED backboard lighting to look like the pro’s.

Backstops For Basketball Hoops

Many top-ranked schools and athletic facilities rely on Gym-Sport Services to install or fix ceiling-hung backstops, wall-mounted backstops, and portable backstops across a variety of indoor & outdoor basketball courts.

Basketball Goals & Nets

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right types of basketball goals and basketball hoop nets for your school, university, or rec center basketball court.

Basketball Hoop Wall Mounting

Wall-mounted backstops are a popular style for schools, churches, rec centers, and other indoor facilities. These wall-mounted basketball backstops are some of the highest-rated in the industry.

Electric Winches

When it comes time to raise basketball hoops or divider curtains in a gymnasium to prepare for the next event, TIME is of the essence. This is why it’s critical that you have the right basketball backstop winches and divider curtain winches installed and inspected.

Residential & Playground Basketball Systems

Installing a basketball hoop in your home, backyard, development, or playground can be extremely rewarding. Not only is it easy to select the right type of residential / playground basketball hoop … it also leads to more FUN for the whole community.